Tesla Model 3 vs. ” Journalists ”


Unclear to me is the writing by many, not some, but by many media, about how Tesla is going to ruin, how Model 3 can only dream of customers … it’s about the Balkan “some neighbors of the church cow”. Still, things are different!

A real weekly over 2,500 cars, and that’s enough to clog your mouth (and keyboard) to all those evil languages. Even if I write that the range with one charge of batteries was nearly 1,000 kilometers per test, how much can this model go through with a driving style, then all those journals can escape into their mouse holes. They have no idea what the production, the technology of processing, fabrication, assembly, how it all develops, how things are going, but they are ready to write about offside in football, which the judge could not see, but all of us are near the small screens.

The Tesla Model 3 is currently the most popular electric vehicle in the US! In Norway, sales of electric vehicles last month were over 50 percent of the total.

The Tesla Model 3 is going to produce 4-5 thousand copies a week, and this will happen if it has not already happened while reading this. And the above-mentioned evil tongues will seem to have never written what they wrote.

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