Porsche admits his reputation is sluggish! Sales will fall?


It’s not Porsche, it’s the title, but responsible in Porsche, but you understand. The background of this statement is a scam affair on the diesel engine cleanliness test, known as “Dieselgate”, alluding to sensationalism on the “Irangate” affair. All brands of Volkswagen Group …

… they had to recall or buy millions of vehicles affected by the affair. The Porsche CEO admitted that the brand itself suffered damage by reputation, and he described it in words like this: “The company’s reputation has suffered heavily as a result of the scandal.” This was said for the British BBC.

In February this year, Porsche stopped selling cars with diesel engines. They never even developed their engines, but they used what originated from Audi. Not to talk about how much they share other elements with the remainder of the Volkswagen Group. The first model of mass production powered by diesel at Porsche is Cayenne, and it was shown to it 10 years ago.

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