Porsche 918 Spyder, The Main Screws On The Suspension Corroded!


It’s incredible that this happens on a car with an initial price of about 900,000 US dollars, but here it is happening. In the case of screws, which serve as a support for the support (an element of suspension known as “shoulders”, in this case both transversal and longitudinal), corrosion occurs on the same, and corrosion weakens the cross section, if the cross-section is weak, cracks will occur due to strain, and given that the mechanical elements of the cracks are as attractive as the hungry crocodile in the room where we are staying, it can come to the fracture of the same … and since they are on the suspension , further imagine yourself.

The bolts used to mount the longitudinal and transverse suspension arms may corrode over time. As a result, the bolts may break, impairing driving performance. The recall affects vehicles manufactured between 9. 7. 2013 – 27. 7. 2015.

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