New Range Rover Evoque (


They say officially “new”, although it’s about refreshing the looks, therefore, a mild redesign. But well, whatever it wants, there will be a New Evoque. However, it can be seen that this is an Evoque model, and if now without the photos of the old one they asked for changes, it would be hard for two or three to count.

To me personally it’s kinda … thick! I’m not really a fan. For me, Velar is quite a lot more “rangrovers”, although I would also take G without a thought between Velar and, say, the G-class.

If it were not for the “fly flew on the bear” and then for this bigger one, let’s go back to Evoque.

The biggest novelty is the 48-volt hybrid system evolved with the Ingenium turbo petrol engine with four cylinders, and a total of 1200 odds, that is 300 horsepower. It can also be without batteries, which is about 250 horses from a 2.0 liter turbo petrol engine. ZF gearbox with nine speeds in both variants.

The resistance to spinning along the longitudinal axis of the car is greater, and the 13% is better with the result we do not know. There is no one to know how much Nm is needed to chase the chassis by one degree along the longitudinal axis.

All-wheel drive is standard.


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