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ENTER INTO THE NEW “MICIBILITY OF THE Eclipse Cross”, adjust the seat, mirrors, steering wheel, easy, easy … View, short, first on the cockpit … we are pleased to see – and start the machine by pressing the button … Automatic lights are turned on or and previously tuned radio …

“Be the same, be special, be just your own” … Cane, Partibrejkerski.

What a leitmotif for testing “Micubisi”, the new SUV of the famous Japanese four-wheel drive factory. A factory that is a synonym for a rally, an off-road ride, a terrain of extra ability …

At the time when Micubiši was caring for this segment (who could have imagined a terrain without being a “pajero”?) There were only two three companies that were more serious competitors, rivals in the market. Today, when this segment of cars is growing at a double digit rate in recent years, and when every fourth and fifth vehicle is sold worldwide, but also in our country, someone from the SUV, crossover, lower or higher categories, it is clear that the “Mouse” to invest all its knowledge to its engineer and the ability of designers and masters to bring out a new vehicle from their workshop, which will set standards in their segment.

“Micubisi Eclipse Cross” is a modern, modern crossover, positioned between two “Micubisi” models of “ASX” and “autolenders.” As the Japanese pointed out, they had two basic three basic tasks in making this model. To have a huge experience in it, to build a robust but harmonious and comfortable vehicle and to have enough space in the cabin (the big defect of many crossovers of this and the lower category).

The design is original, which is at the time of making a “flood” of crossovers and SUVs, something that is certainly not easy to carry out. The interior of the vehicle is modern, the materials are beautiful, the space for the driver and the passengers is quite enough, just like numerous places for the disposal of various small things necessary for modern families, which for short trips, trips go with a multitude of “jeeps,” various devices, The bottles lead as if they were on the roads of the “Sahara” where there is no ocean acamole gas station at “every hundred meters” as in our country …

“Micubiši” is no different from the competition with the intention to make it easier for the new systems of assistance to “work” the driver. There is everything from spotting vehicles from the dead corner, parking assist, backward cameras, assistance in braking in sudden situations. Navigation, a premium audio system, all of which already implicitly imply, and more and more demanding customers do not look back ( of course, we are talking about a payment buyer rather than an average Serbian driver) on vehicles that do not have a large dot-screen display (in this car is 7.0 inches with a three-dimensional “3D” view, the possibility of “connection” with smartphones and similar wonders of modern automotive Again, this is where the “Micubisi” managed to make a difference from the competition. It’s all the same, but in particular, the “Micubisi” ring on the console beside the right hand of the driver’s screen, like the lap-top “mouse “, you can use the commands as well, and you have them on the screen’s screen, on the wheel of the steering wheel …

It can be paired with a manual six-speed transmission or an automatic CVT eight-speed gearbox that we tested. The 163 “horse” Ergela is available at 5,500 rpm and the maximum torque is 250 Nm obtained from 1,800 to 4,500 rpm.

“Eclipse Cross” to customers in Serbia is available in four levels of “Invite”, “Invite +”, “Intense” and “Instule”. The model price with the “Invite” package of equipment equals 21,990 euros with a 5 year or 100,000 kilometer mileage guarantee.

Technical data

LENGTH: 4,405 mm

WIDTH: 1.805 mm

HEIGHT.1.685 mm



LUBRICANT: 341/448 lit.

MASS: 1.425 – 1.520 kg

CONSUMPTION: Lit./100 km

CITY: 8.2



0-100 km / h: 9.8 sec.

MAXIMUM SPEEDS.200 km / h.


PRICE: from 21,990 euros

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