New “Micubish Eclipse Cross” On The “News”


Yes, after the Mercedes EQC, Audi will also introduce its SUV e-tron. This e-tron is what they call automobiles they manufacture and drives them batteries. Audi’s SUV or some Q model on the battery will be officially introduced this month, faster than it’s thought, probably in 7 days. What is interesting in the story is that even though there are no cars yet, they have a campaign in Norway that people reserve their models. Norwegians can make a reservation, and the payment is 20,000 kroons or about 1.5 to 1.75 thousand euros.

It’s hard to say who has more autonomy if we compare Mercedes’s EQC and e-tron from Audi (probably based on Q7 / Q8, because the boot capacity is 600 liters). The autonomy, according to EPA regulations, is 350 kilometers! And this is not comparable to the Mercedes’s 450 kilometers, because they are measured differently! The only correct thing about how one can compare who can go more is by comparing the masses, maximum power and battery power.

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