“Leaf” is the best-selling e-vehicle in Europe


Right after a year after arriving in Europe, the new “Nissan Leaf” is the best-selling electric vehicle in the EU, with 26,000 copies already delivered to customers and driving European roads.

“Leaf” is at the top of the sales of electric vehicles in Europe in each of the eight months of 2018, and every 10 minutes a single copy of the wide continent is sold.

The new car has seen strong sales growth across Europe, including the markets of Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. In Norway, the “leaf” became the best-selling passenger car in 2018, running all electric and motor drives.

Business users follow an example of private ones and are increasingly choosing electric vehicles. Out of the total number of sold copies, more than 8,000 delivered to business fleets.

The new “Nissan Leaf” retained all the qualities of the predecessor, adding the latest generation of intelligent mobility technology and five stars to the Euro NCAP test in line with the latest standards.

Advanced driving assist systems “ProPILOT” and “ProPILOT Park” make driving and parking easier. The innovative e-Pedal pedal additionally simplifies the ride and makes it more fun because it allows users to accelerate and reduce speed with one foot pedal.

Gareth Dansmore, director of the Electrical Vehicles sector, Nissan Europe said: “The interest in electric vehicles continues to grow so we have made sure that it is more affordable than ever to experience and buy a new LEAF model,” says Garret Dansmore, director of the Nisana E-E-vehicle sector. – When we started to design a new “Leaf”, we wanted a car that would be used in the development and comments received from the 100,000 existing owners in Europe.

“Nissan LEAF” is available in 51 markets around the world and at the global level there is a high demand for it. Its sales success, like that of its predecessor, makes it the global leader in electric vehicles with more than 350,000 shipments since 2010.

As a recognition of the overall capability, Nissan LEAF also won over 100 international awards since its launch in 2010.

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