Kia in Europe with 3 million vehicles with a 7-year warranty


Kia Motors Europe has achieved a new milestone in the sale of vehicles with the longest European guarantee from the three million vehicles sold in Europe.

7 year warranty on engine and gearbox since 2006 with first generation cee’d; warranty on the entire vehicle (so-called ‘from bumper to bumper’) since 2010.

In 2006, when launching the first generation cee’d, Kia offered a 7-year warranty on the engine and transmission, which in 2010 was extended to the entire vehicle (ie, from bumper to bumper). Since then, this unique guarantee has included the whole range of models and is valid for all new Kia purchased in Europe.

In China, they estimate that up to now their customers have passed 158 billion kilometers with a 7-year warranty
Since 2010, Kia has estimated that their European car buyers with vehicles with a 7-year warranty have crossed over 158 billion kilometers *, which is the same as when the Earth passed around the equator over 4 million times.

7-year warranty (up to 150,000 km, first 3 years without mileage) for each new Kiu sold in Europe
Kita’s generous warranty covers defects in fabrication and materials up to seven years or 150,000 kilometers – the first three years without the constraints on the number of kilometers traveled. It is still the longest guarantee offered by any automobile manufacturer in Europe and offers peace to the soul, which stems from Kia’s high standards of quality. The warranty is fully transferable to the next owner of the vehicle.

Emilio Herrera, Executive Director of Kia Motors Europe, said: “Our 7-year warranty shows our conviction about the quality of the vehicles we produce and gives our European customers the confidence to buy high-quality vehicles. The Kia brand has become synonymous with quality and reliability, and it’s precisely the quality that first comes to mind when people think of Ki. This year in Europe, we expect to sell more than 500,000 Kia vehicles, and many of these customers are paying attention to the fact that their vehicle will have a Kia’s factory warranty until 2025 ”

Kita’s outstanding warranty and commitment to quality is based on demanding endurance tests and high production standards for all of its models. The development of each individual model involves millions of kilometers of testing before the start of the series production, and the vehicles are exposed to numerous tests in demanding weather conditions and on all driving surfaces – the Middle East, Europe, Asia and North and South America.

Note: * Based on the assessment that an average driver per year exceeds 12,500 km.

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