Here’s why Uber’s Volvo killed pedestrians!


The National Transportation Safety Board came to the conclusion that the incident in which a woman who crossed a road that was not a pedestrian crossing and was under the influence of narcotics was caused by Uber that disabled the emergency braking system by a car that was driving independently – as they say, autonomously.That’s what their preliminary report says! So, to blame Volvo and their system was, of course, any prejudice without a brain. Perhaps with the intention to damage the reputation of the brand. In support of this, the fact that Volvo’s system registers pedestrians as an obstacle on the road six seconds before the incident !!

Uber had disabled an emergency braking system in a self-driving vehicle that struck and killed a woman in Arizona in March after failing to identify the pedestrian, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a preliminary report released on Thursday. The report said the modified 2017 Volvo XC90’s radar systems observed the pedestrian six seconds before impact but “the self-driving system software classified the pedestrian as a non-unknown object, as a vehicle, and then as a bicycle.”

The NTSB said the Uber vehicle required the operator to intervene and take action, but the system is not designed to alert the operator. The report said the operator engaged the steering wheel less than a second before impact and began braking less than a second after impact. The report noted that Herzberg (Victime) tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana, and that she did not look in the direction of the vehicle until just before impact.

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