Bugatti is getting ready for the electric era


In the recent era, the only successful W16 engine was the one that Bugatti made. It’s not the first mention of the first W16 engine. A dozen years before that, Bugatti Ramond Jimenez (the Novia model) showed the atmospheric 4.1 liters W16 that connected the four Yamaha engines and Novia could develop 380 km / h. This is still a topic for another article. And more than 100 years ago, French Gaston Mougeotte had an idea of the W16 engine.

In an interview with Car Advice, Bugatti chief, Mr. Stephan Winkelmann, said that the current W16 is the latest of this type, and although there is an enthusiasm for further development, it still needs to keep up with the times, and therefore, in the near future, electrification of Bugatti’s drive. Only, as he says, electrification must offer the same performance as the current W16. I suppose that here is the thought of autonomy with one battery charge, because electrification is simpler than W16 and can certainly suppress W16 by performance.

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