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The fastest way to get a beautiful smile!

This tooth whitening pencil removes all unwanted stains and makes your teeth white like a gem and is great for those with sensitive teeth who want a smoother teeth whitening.

Our formula is vegan and gluten free. And we are proud to be certified without cruelty.



Turn the pencil down (base) until the solution / gel comes out. When using it for the first time, more rotations are needed for the gel to appear.
Apply a layer of gel where you want to whiten your teeth.
Keep your lips open for 30 sec – 1 min until the formula dries on your teeth.
Rinse your lips, do not eat or drink for 20 minutes and then rinse your mouth.


The bleach removes 100% brown, wine, tobacco and other common stains without damaging the enamel and creating a stain stain barrier for weeks after use.

Fast results. Many clients get instant whitening results after applying for the first time, while there are other clients who take a few days to see a noticeable improvement.

Affordable and durable!

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8 reviews for Teeth Whitening Pen

  1. Blerina Mekaj

    These are the results after 3 uses, I am pleased with this bleach.

  2. Adelina Kastrati

    I ordered the bleach, it arrived on time, I was very happy with it

  3. Edona Shalaj

    Very good product, I used it for 4 months but it really has a very good effect

  4. Besa Gorani

    My family and I use bleach, which we have been enjoying for more than 4 months

  5. Bleona

    I use it with my family, it has an immediate effect

  6. Leotrimi

    The order came to me after 5 applications and I noticed the effect, I just ordered 2 more pieces

  7. Marigona


  8. Adnani

    whitening has come out a lot of quality i recommend it everyone

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