Top 15 Things You Should Never Search On Google


Google is the largest search engine of the world and it’s a common notion that it knows everything, so whenever people are in doubt about anything, they Google it. We all have become pretty habitual to Google and it is not only helping students but people from all walks of life.

Despite the fact that Google has answers to almost every question, people should not Google several things as the search results may be emotionally as well as visually disturbing and can also invite trouble for the person who asked the question.

Here is a list of 15 things or questions which you should never Google:

1Smoking lungs

Smoking is a bad habit and it is injurious to health. Everybody knows it and even smokers are pretty aware of the reality. People tend to search about the effects of smoking on lungs and various images of abnormal lungs are seen on the screen, which are very disturbing. These images can freak you out so try to avoid looking for them.

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2Mouth Larvae

Be careful about what you type because by mistake people have typed mouth larvae instead of moth larvae and what they got to see in results was awful.

If you will search for mouth larvae, you will see photos and videos of insects coming out of the mouth of humans. This won’t get erased from your memory soon and will keep on disturbing you for long.


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3Food that you love

Yes, you should not search for the food that you love because looking at your favorite dish can make you hungry. You must avoid this especially in the odd hours until and unless you know how to cook it or there’s someone to cook for you as it will be difficult to buy it from outside.

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4Harmful animals

There are a numbers of animals which are harmful and frightening and looking at them can instill fear in you. You can get more scared when you come to know that some of them are found in the area where you live. Don’t let a phobia take you in its stride, just don’t Google about them.

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